Our Nurses & Support Team


NHSTC, Inc. maintains a roster of over 200 registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, respiratory therapists, certified nursing assistants and certified home health aides with years of academic and practical experience in nursing.


At NHSTC, Inc., we utilize a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the very best caregivers are selected for you. We believe our clients and their families deserve home health care with the highest professional, ethical, and safety standards.


NHSTC, Inc. verifies the following credentials for every caregiver:

  • Work History (5+ yrs)

  • Professional and Personal References

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Professional Licenses

  • CPR & First Aid Card

  • Furthermore, each caregiver is required to demonstrate their abilities to perform each skill necessary to care for your loved one before an RN Supervisor. 

Ongoing Supervision and Evaluation

Our RN Supervisors thoroughly manages each client care. Our RN Supervisors makes routine monthly home visits to ensure our clients are receiving the highest quality care. Additionally, Our RN Supervisors reassess each nurse to ensure that your nurse has the knowledge and competency to care for your loved one.

24-Hour Support

At any time of day or night, weekends or holidays; clients and their care provider have access to a 24 hour support team member, should any questions or concerns arise.